Cheap but Fantastic Places Abroad to Buy a Property

There’s something rather annoying about spending our travels in hotels. The guidelines of each hotel must be adhered to, while there’s always the prospect of annoying teens or what not, staying next door. Many of us thus prefer to buy properties abroad, and if you have the money to splash, there is no better way to enjoy travelling then by staying in your own property. Another advantage of course is that these places can be rented throughout the rest of the year and therefore money can be made.

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Here are some cheap but fantastic places to rent properties abroad.


The trick when it comes to finding cheap properties abroad is to seek out a place with low living costs, particularly as living costs generally correlate with market prices. Of course the location also has to be a desirable holiday destination.

Justifiably dubbed as ‘Paradise’, Zanzibar is literally a tropical heaven. Beaches are plush; the culture is unique and historic, while the people are wonderfully welcoming. Things are also very cheap in Zanzibar and with a lively, but not overcrowded tourist scene there are few better places to spend your summers.

The fact of the matter is that Zanzibar is also growing yearly in reputation as a fantastic tourist destination. Property prices may be cheap in comparison to their true worth for the time being, but they are rising.

Properties on the beach can be bought for £150,000, while those within town can be acquired for less than £120,000; cheap prices considering the beauty of the island. In a few years, such prices will undoubtedly have risen significantly.


Seeking a holiday pad abroad with a bit of sunshine doesn’t necessarily mean escaping the city life. There are some beautiful and sunny cities out there and Jacksonville in Florida is amongst the best. You won’t need a holiday expert to tell you about the delights of Florida.

Simply one of the most venerated holiday destinations on Earth, Florida is a place perfect for all ages.

The largest city in Florida, by both area and population, Jacksonville is filled with sandy beaches, great nightlife, shopping and dining. It’s located in the northeast part of Florida and boasts a variety of festivals along with sunny weather. What more could one ask for?

There are currently around 10,000 new or resale houses on the market in Jacksonville, along with 8,000 foreclosures. Median property prices are around $133,000 (approximately £88,500).

Isla Mujeres

Just a water taxi ride away from the vibrant and often Spring Break teen infested Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a cheap, serene, sunny, gorgeous and unique holiday destination. Another tropical paradise, Isla Mujeres is a fantastic vacation choice for beach lovers.

From snorkelling amid coral reefs and tropical fish to windsurfing on blue waters along the island’s shores and plush beaches, Isla Mujeres is certainly not short of activities.

The local cuisine is delicious, particularly if you’re a fan of seafood, while the strong Latin culture is fantastically irresistible.

You will however have to make sure that you don’t travel to Isla Mujeres during the hurricane or Spring Break seasons. Stormy weather and the occasional groups of pestering party teens are the only drawbacks with Isla Mujeres, however with median property prices at typically just over £100,000 and low local living costs; these can surely be overlooked somewhat.

Look After Your Investment!

Managing properties abroad can be a major hassle. It is therefore more ideal to hire expertise support to help manage your investment. There are a number of businesses that can be found online such as that will enable you to do so.

Good luck on your search for the perfect holiday destination!